July 7, 2012

Update - July 2012

After 15 years of doing magic on a local level, two years ago I started a national business - SeeLiveMagic - supporting professional magicians around the country and connecting the best entertainers to the best venues in their city.
 Since starting, we have:
  • grown from 2 to 65 performers
  • expanded from Florida to 15 other states
  • performed over 900 shows
  • reached over 90 million media impressions
  • have been featured on TV and in magazines.
Our sister company - Restaurant Magic Business - has focused in on the food service industry, where we've truly carved out a niche, taking our time to perfect and establish replicable systems to support single-unit owners and multiple-unit operators. After two hard-working years, our efforts are being recognized by the industry.

Check out this video interview with our clients and this industry newspaper article.

To support these entrepreneurial ventures and be able to hire the finest web designers, photographers and video-graphers, I've had the pleasure to keep a busy performance schedule.

I'm lucky enough to have clients invite me to perform at their Weddings and Trade-Shows. And major corporations invite me back year after year to speak at their Franchisee Conferences and Global Summits. (btw: these are all 4 video links to live performances that I haven't shared until now.)

After traveling across the world for 10 years and performing magic in over 200 cities, I've settled in the #1 most visited city in the world to help welcome visitors with magical hospitality.

Our team of local performers is the Official Magicians of the NBA Team: Orlando Magic!

And I get to present an intimate dinner-show at the #1 Upscale restaurant here in town: Christner's Del Frisco's Prime Steak and Lobster. I would really love to see you there if you are visiting town - it's one of my favorite places to perform and to have dinner! Reserve your tickets for our next show.

Finally, a magic trick that I produced and distributed to magicians around the world for three years has "exploded!" I wish I could say this figuratively, but it actually happened, literally.

Two boxes filled with specially printed and chemically treated paper spontaneously combusted from static electricity. Everything inside either burned or was flooded. So it goes.

The photo you see is of my burned luggage and cases of cards, books, DVDs and 15 years of equipment and memories.

I can only be grateful that I wasn't inside when the tragedy happened and am here to now tell the story that no matter how careful you may be for however long, you never know when something unexpected or tragic can come your way. All we can do is be grateful for every living moment!

Well that's it for the update. I hope you, dear reader, are doing wonderful. Be safe and be healthy!
Onwards and upwards until next time!

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